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Project Description
This is a widget for the BlogEngine.NET 1.4 to show your latest tweets in your margin. There are several options you can configure on-the-fly. The widget is developed in C# 3.0 and uses some .NET 3.5 syntax.

To install this widget you have to copy all files to a new directory "TwitterFeed" (or something else) in your "widget"-folder. Now you can add the widget to your blog and make first configuration.

There are several options you can set:
  • Your Twitter Username
  • Number of displayed Tweets
  • Show Replies
  • Link Usernames
  • Link to Twitter Userpage
  • Path to Twitter-Icon

You can disable the twitter-logo before each tweet when leaving the path-textfield empty. Also you can disable the link to your own Twitter Website when leaving the link text empty. When you deactivate the "Show Replies"-Option all tweets beginning with a @ aren't displayed. However if you ReTweet another user (RT @....) or using "via @..." those tweets are still displayed. There is no option to disable tweets, mentioning other users, completly at the moment.

There is a version of this widget for .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 - on a standard-installation of BlogEngine.NET 1.4 you can stay with the 2.0er version. If you have compiled your blog-installation against .NET 3.5 you can use this version instead. The only difference is the use of auto-implemented properties and some "var"s.


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